Music Guidelines

It’s a concert venue, right? Shouldn’t we play all types of music?

Admittedly, it’s a difficult thing to draw the lines of what music is acceptable. After all, music is a reflection of what it means to be human: to love, to hurt, to celebrate, to grieve, to experience. That’s why it’s so important to us. 

Even so, just because a certain experience or emotion is a reality of life, it ought not necessarily be made into music nor be broadcast to our listeners. Just as in real life we have to deal with our emotions in a healthy way, we likewise have to decide what sounds and lyrics we use to express those emotions.

Here are the guidelines for music at the Hub. We avoid the following types of music:

  • Music that is explicit, vulgar, or perverse
  • Music that glorifies destructive behaviors, such as alcoholism, sexual perversion, drug use, womanizing, revenge, murder, or lust (among others)
  • Music that is an unbridled expression of anger or hatred
  • Music that is blasphemous, mocking of God, spiritually dark, or imitating sounds of evil
  • Music that is characteristically cacophonous, disharmonious, unsettling, or chaotic