Info For Performers


The Hub expects all performers to conduct themselves with maturity and decency. We expect performers to help one another with set up and tear down. We expect a general attitude of collaboration and mutual encouragement for all performers.


The Hub expects content of songs and speech from stage to be free from profanity, vulgarity, and crude material. We do not screen lyrics or song lists before performances, so please use discretion as you prepare to perform. 

Load-In & Stay

In general, we expect all musicians to arrive approximately 60 minutes before doors open. Door usually open at 6pm, so arrive by 5:00pm unless otherwise noted. Also, it's always in good taste for all performers to stay for the duration of the entire show. 


The Hub provides sound system, mics, cables, mic stands, and power. Performers need to bring their instruments, amps, and any additional or special items they like to use during their performances. In doubt about bringing something? Bring it just in case. It's also good practice to have all your gear labeled with your name and your band name.

No Moshing

No Moshing.  


Performers are welcome to sell their merchandise on the night of their performance. We provide 8' tables. We recommend performers to have a decent table cloth for their merch table. We do not ask for any of the proceeds from your merch sales, though we'd gladly accept a free CD or T-shirt.


We compensate bands with 25% of cover charge per guest. Paying guests can only be tallied for a single band per show.

The Hub reserves the right to modify the compensation rate as needed.

Set Lengths

If 1 band, then band has 45 minute set.

If 2 bands, then each band has 35 minute set.

If 3 bands, then each band has 30 minute set.

If 4 bands, then each band has 25 minute set.

If big headliner, then 1-2 opening bands with 20 or 30 minute set.

Show Times

These show times are approximate and subject to technical smoothness. Communicate with your Hub booking rep to confirm your place.

1 Band

6pm Doors Open

7:00-7:45 Band 1

2 Bands

6pm Doors Open

7:00-7:35pm Band 1

7:35-8:00pm Switch

8:00-8:35pm Band 2

 3 Bands

6pm Doors Open

7:00-7:30pm Band 1

7:30-7:45pm Switch

7:45-8:15pm Band 2

8:15-8:45pm Switch

8:45-9:15pm Band 3

4 Bands

6pm Doors open

6:45-7:10 Band 1

7:10-7:25 Switch

7:25-7:50 Band 2

7:50-8:15 Switch

8:15-8:40 Band 3

8:40-8:55 Switch

8:55-9:20 Band 4

 1 Headliner w/ 2 Openers

6pm Doors open

6:40-7:00 Band 1

7:00-7:15 Switch

7:15-7:35 Band 2

7:35-8:00 Switch

8:00-8:50 Headliner

1 Headliner w/1 Opener

6pm Doors open

7:00-7:30 Band 1

7:30-8:00 Switch

8:00-8:50 Headliner